Ellem Ciet

Destruction of the asteroid - hackneyed subject of fantastic films: when life on Earth threatens a collision with a huge meteorite, save humanity can only be a miracle or the power of a nuclear explosion. After a series of setbacks brave hero gets to the asteroid, and lays the charge, managing to push the button, of course, at the last moment. Boulder carried by dust, grateful sobs population, welcoming a happy ending ... In short, a typical Hollywood. However, as it seems less fantastic asteroid threat to itself, becomes more and more realistic, and the possibility of a missile strike on a potentially dangerous body. Russian and American Energy sure what nuclear weapons should be the basis antiasteroid protect humanity.

SO the possibility of using nuclear explosions to destroy potentially harmful cosmic bodies talking representatives of the Ministry of Energy and the Russian state corporation Rosatom. Its seriousness parties have confirmed the signing of a cooperation agreement in the field. Some people might even seem that the initiators of the agreement were under the impression from the famous blockbuster "Armageddon", which include hundreds of scientific experts and technical mistakes ... But seriously, the realization of the idea of using nuclear weapons against asteroids constrained today is not so much the development of technology many legal difficulties. In particular, passed in 1967, the Outer Space Treaty explicitly prohibits placing into Earth orbit any objects, equipped with nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction, install it on celestial bodies, "to place in outer space in any other manner." Naturally, there can be no question about the fact that something deliberately to destroy a nuclear missile - so it is unclear what hope Russian and American nuclear scientists, skolachivaya its "nuclear cabal." If they plan to seriously push their projects through the legislators of both countries and through the United Nations, there is no danger if it break a number of major contracts, allowing deter further spread of nuclear weapons? ..

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